Galaxy Note 8 battery is being tested more rigorously

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Reports indicate that Samsung is putting the Galaxy Note 8 battery through more rigorous test cycles to ensure that there is no repetition of the Note 7 debacle that happened last year.

According to a statement by Samsung Mobile Chief DJ Koh, the company will be launching a safer Note. As months passed by after the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung shifted its focus to batteries. The company starts working closely with Underwater Labs for advanced safety checks for the Galaxy Note 8’s battery.

“We have been closely working with Samsung to make meaningful advancements in the science of smartphone quality and safety evaluation,” UL president Sajeev Jesudas told Engadget. “As a result, the Note 8 has successfully completed a rigorous series of device and battery safety compatibility test protocols. We look forward to maintaining our strategic relationship with Samsung to help ensure device safety for all consumers.”

According to a report by The Investor, the 3,300mAh batteries packed in Note 8 are Samsung’s SDI and Japan’s Murata Manufacturing product. “The company ditched batteries from its long-time Chinese partner ATL for its flagship phones following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle,” the report reads.  Samsung SDI will be responsible for 80 per cent of the Note 8 battery production, while Murata will make the remaining 20 per cent.