Google likely working on smart headphones

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Reports on the Internet suggest that Google is working on smart headphones which are currently being known as Bisto internally.

Google’s ventures into smart devices have never been well-received by the world, particularly the Google Glass. However, things have been going well with the Google Home, which is focussed towards the masses. It seems that this got Google inspired to work on smart headphones, something like the AirPods from Apple.

9to5Google has uncovered details about an under-development headphone running Google Assistant from the latest Google app codes. The headphones are codenamed as Bisto.

According to the codes, it is known that the headphones will be using Goggle Assistant’s AI power to replace the physical controls required in a conventional headphone. Therefore, it could be possible that this headphone would alter the volume or read messages through voice commands. This could also mean that you could initiate an activity like playing music or making a call using the Assistant’s voice commands.

However, the leak also mentions the presence of a hardware button that could initiate the Assistant. The headphones are expected to ship with the Google Pixel 2 sometime later in the year.