Move aside cable, everyone is jumping the streaming TV bandwagon


Cable TV seems to be a thing of the past or at least is fading away as more and more content creators around the world are either making content for online video streaming services like YouTube and Twitch or joining hands with Netflix and the likes.

The latest to join the streaming TV fold is Disney with plans two new streaming services (and possibly more). Disney intends to launch a kids-oriented movie and TV streaming service in 2019 that will pull Disney and Pixar films from Netflix, as well as an ESPN sidekick service (minus pro football and basketball) expected early next year. Disney is also mulling over the possibility of separate streaming services for its Star Wars and Marvel superhero films.

All of that will simply add to a cacophony of existing Netflix-style video services that let you watch what you want, when you want. More are probably on their way, as entertainment companies see profits in controlling not only the creation of their films and shows, but also their distribution.

The downside? Potentially bigger bills, and more work for people who just want to find something to watch.

But there are issues to solve and one of the foremost is to find stuff that you actually want to watch. Niche specific streaming TVs aren’t the solution to this problem as many believe that a kids only streaming TV service isn’t going to appeal to many. However, that being said parents could see Disney streaming TV services as an important ancillary streaming TV service that could enable them to get all Disney content right at one place.

Cable TV is expensive for it costs $100 and often more. But then think about multiple streaming service. Each of the streaming service providers have specific content they offer and if you are looking for a variety of shows and content, you will have to go for multiple services at one time and that will add to your bills. Consider $10 a month for Netflix; Amazon is $8.25 a month if you sign up for a year. Hulu starts at $8. HBO Now, $15.

Then you have content based pricing as well and so those costs needs to be added in as well and. If you’re a sports fan consider MLB.TV which is $113 for the year, and you won’t get hometeam games .

While streaming TV services are gaining in popularity, there are quite a few hurdles to overcome and if they don’t come up with effective solutions, the overall cost of streaming TV services will sit right next to age-old cable TV!