No Man’s Sky gets a huge update

No Mans Sky

One of the most controversial games of recent times – No Man’s Sky – garnered a lot of negative reviews from gamers across the world and while the game isn’t being talked about now-a-days because of how it turned out eventually, a new huge update to the game has sprung out from no where.

Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, detailed what all is coming in the next major update for the game. They have been quietly working on patches but update 1.3 will be the biggest one yet.

Atlas Rises will feature a new central story that will allow players to discover more about the world and themselves. It is said to be 30 hours long with multiple branching paths. Its purpose is to give context and meaning to your actions and introduce players to the quest system.

Perhaps even a bigger deal than story content is the incorporation of much needed co-op. While interaction is extremely limited, Sean believes that this first step is of utmost importance. You will be able to see, communicate and explore the universe with upto 16 other players. There are a host of new features such as procedurally generated missions, deeper trading, overhauled ship combat, terrain manipulation, more farming and mining options and many more.

All of the above mentioned features sound exciting, but it’s not hard to imagine why people would be cautious, since they have been in the exact same situation before. I do feel like it might be too late though, as it seems like a large proportion of the audience has moved on to other games and has no interest in going back. Regardless, No Man’s Sky big new update is now available for free to all players.

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