Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 to feature almost no bezels

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Xiaomi is taking forward the trend of slim-bezel display started by Mi Mix last year by launching Mi Mix 2 with negligible bezel.

We got the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 to bring the Infinity Display to mass-produced smartphones. Even the next iPhone is expected to sport a thin-bezel display. And now Mi Mix 2 will feature almost no bezels.

If you know the story about the Mi Mix, then you would know that it was conceptualised by a designer called Philippe Starck. His latest concept video showcases a smartphone with a curved display and extremely thin-bezels. The smartphone shows a version of MIUI on its display, which makes this a teaser for the rumoured Mi Mix 2.

Compared to the Mi Mix, the Mi Mix 2 loses the bottom-chin in favour of a slim highlight that manages to conceal the front camera. Judging by the video, the Mi Mix 2 will have an unparalleled screen-to-body ratio and the curved edges will pronounce the effect it intends to achieve. In fact, it looks like a grown-up Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Mi Mix 2 concept also shows a slim side-profile, which will be beneficial to the concept phone for complimenting the bezel-less front profile. The smartphone is expected to flaunt flagship specifications and should be unveiled by the end of this year.