Amazon set to improve lives with new hardware products

Amazon intends to broaden its portfolio and customer base with the launch Echo hardware products.

Amazon flaunts its portfolio with new Echo products

Amazon announced a new range of Echo products on September 27, 2017. The launch highlighted the importance of Echo and Alexa products to the company.

Five various Echo hardware products were launched by the online retailer giant after tasting an enormous success with its Echo products. The company aimed to widen its portfolio and customer base with this launch.

The Washington-based company announced a new Amazon Echo, which offers better sound quality than original. It is supported by Dolby Audio, built from metal, and wrapped with sports cloth around the body. The product will contend with Sonos Play:1 and Apple’s upcoming HomePod. Moreover, the company also released Echo Button, which can be configured to control an Amazon Echo.

The e-retailing giant unveiled Echo Connect, a box-shaped device to enable users place phone call on landline using Amazon Echo units.

The circular version of the Echo Show, Echo Spot was also unveiled. It has 2.5-inch display to provide visual information. The device is Alexa-powered and offers video-calling support.
The smart homes will get a hub when Amazon Echo Plus will be launched. The company claimed it has a capability to work with nearly 100 smart home products. The device will control home’s lights, locks, cameras, and others.

Amazon also revealed a dongle-like device known as Fire TV. It can be plugged into back of the TV. It is equipped with Dolby Atmos audio support. Furthermore, it is designed to support 4K content and high dynamic range video.

Amazon’s smart virtual assistant Alexa will be equipped in BMW cars from beginning of 2017. This will give users an access to Alexa from their dashboard irrespective of their location.

The new set of products will benefit Amazon to gain widespread consumer base for Echo and Alexa product.


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