Google echoes ‘No YouTube’ in Amazon Echo Show

Google echoes 'No YouTube' in Amazon Echo Show

Google pulled out access to YouTube from Amazon Echo Show on September 26, 2017. Both companies have issued their statements about the change, and surprisingly they seem contradictory.

When a user asks the smart speaker for a YouTube video, the Alexa-enabled smart speaker says, “Currently, Google is not supporting YouTube on Echo Show.”

A spokesperson from Amazon confirmed the restriction of service and stated it was surprising for them. The spokesperson stated, Google put a stop to YouTube access on its Echo Show without any notification or explanation to customers. The decision had no technical basis and disappointing for their customers.

However, Google gave a contradictory statement. The California-based tech giant said there have been talks over the matter. The usage of YouTube on Echo Show violates the terms of service.

Google said there had been negotiations with Amazon from a long time. The negotiations aimed at arriving to an agreement that offers the best experience to customers on both platforms. The company added that it hopes to arrive on an agreement and resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Although both companies gave statements that contradict each other, Google’s statement springs up some hopes of recommencement of YouTube on Echo Show. Lack of access to YouTube would provide a massive blow to Echo Show, Amazon’s only smart speaker equipped with screen.

Google has been very specific about how YouTube functions on apps developed by other companies. It has cited the terms of service on its API. In 2013, the company had a disagreement with Microsoft over the use of YouTube on windows phones. It blocked the app and Microsoft had to switch to web player for the video streaming service.

It is unlikely that the access will be permanently blocked, given the best interests of both companies.


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