AI: Facebook’s new way for relief efforts in Puerto Rico

Zuckerberg demonstrated company’s relief efforts in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico through its virtual reality app, Facebook Spaces.

Facebook new way for relief
Zuckerberg in VR avatar, talks about Facebook’s contribution in Puerto Rico

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced, Facebook is collaborating with American Red Cross in relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The company is taking help of artificial intelligence and satellite imagery to determine areas to provide aid.

A cartoonish Mark Zuckerberg avatar made an announcement through Facebook Spaces. It is the company’s virtual reality app, which runs on Oculus Rift headset.

Facebook uses artificial intelligence to develop ‘population maps’ to offer satellite imagery of a specific area. Moreover, it will help people determine their location and density in those places. This information will help Red Cross identify areas where help is needed.

The cartoonish avatars of Zuckerberg and Facebook social VR chief, Rachel Franklin, were shown visiting Puerto Rico. They stood in front of a NPR-produced 360-degree video that showed the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Both executives of Facebook promoted the company’s upcoming Oculus Rift developer conference. The fourth annual Oculus Connect conference will begin on October 11, 2017.

Facebook’s CEO discussed his company’s efforts to aid relief through donations and sharing data with Red Cross. Moreover, the social media giant activated features such as Safety Check and Community Help.

Safety Check feature will help its users to convey about their safety to their friends. However, Community Help feature would help to organize aid efforts in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

Facebook has donated $1.5 million to organizations working for hurricane relief such as the World Food Program. Moreover, Mark sent a “connectivity team” to the island to help restore telecommunication services. The team will help to increase coordination in relief efforts.

He demonstrated efforts for relief through trip to disaster zones in Puerto Rico.