Hassle-free Chat: Workplace Chat launched for PC & Mac

Say No to inconvenience in office communication as Workplace Chat app is now available for desktop PC & Mac in beta version with screen sharing feature.

Hassle-free Chat
Facebook furtively drops Workplace Chat for desktop PC & Mac

Facebook has furtively dropped its desktop PC and Mac chat apps along with screen sharing options. They are only made available for Workplace, an enterprise collaboration software of Facebook.

Workplace has collaborated with over 14,000 businesses and recently signed a deal with Walmart. The screen sharing option would help Workplace attract more customers.

Facebook aims to expanding its market presence by offering all-in-one collaboration app. There is a download link for beta version for desktop app of Workplace Chat for PC and Mac.

Vanessa Chan, spokesperson for Workplace by Facebook, affirmed the launch of the desktop app. She stated, the desktop app was widely demanded by customers. It is in a testing phase and is gathering feedback from customers. Following the feedbacks, there will be developments in apps. Post the arbitrary amendments the app will be rolled out widely.

The desktop app functions similarly to dedicated website for Workplace Chat. It offers a dashboard for conversations, search box, and sharing of photo, voice clip, video, GIF, emoji, and web cam. Moreover, it also provides desktop notifications to help users to not miss a message.

Screen sharing feature is now available in Workplace Chat app for desktop and website. The feature launched within a year of the launch of chat app.

Users also have an option of sharing full-screen as well as specific desktop apps they are running. Providing the privacy of screen sharing is significant for users. Facebook has not integrated social network profile with Workplace.

The Workplace Chat app for PC and Mac will enable users to communicate easily without getting lost in browser tabs.


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