Location is Everything: Google announces location based search results

Google announced that it was putting aside the country code element of its domain name. The search engine will now display results based on the detected location.

Google announces location based search results
Google announces change, will now display results based on location

International search engine, Google is putting away the country code element of its domain name. In the past, this element decided which version of the search results a user was to be given. Henceforth, the user will receive results based on the detected location.

The move ascertains that a user will receive only one set of results. Thus even if the user searches from google.com or google.com.au, the results will not vary.

The search engine will return only one set of results based solely on the user’s location.

Of course users still maintain the right to change the country used by Google. However, this particular option is hidden away in Google’s settings page. The result of course is that one receives data based utterly on geography.

In a blog post, Google’s product manager Evelyn Kao stated, “If you live in Australia, you’ll automatically receive the country service for Australia”.

However, she added that upon travelling to New Zealand, one would receive results tailored for a New Zealand audience.

Thus when a person returned home to Australia, their search engine would “revert back to the Australian country service”.

To clarify the situation Google has thoughtfully added a kind of strap at the bottom of the search page. This strap states the country that the search engine has detected.

Google has stated that all its services will be impacted by the change. These include its desktop search and maps products, Google app on iOS and mobile web services.

Google hopes that the impact will bring these products to the level of its other forays like YouTube, Blogger, Google Earth, and Gmail.

Google is hopeful that the change will improve its users’ search experience by providing them with the most useful information.

This information would now be based on the search query, any other context and of course, the location. Google’s stars are certainly on the rise.

Its parent company, Alphabet, recently quoted their third-quarter net income at $6.73 billion. This number makes up a small part of the company’s total $27.8 billion revenue.

Google itself has contributed close to $27.5 billion to that number, a substantial rise from its earlier $25.76 billion.