SpaceX COO demands updated space regulations to maintain lead

President & COO of SpaceX states the U.S. is bringing back its space dominance and need updated regulations to maintain its lead position.

SpaceX COO
U.S. leadership in space necessitates updated regulations, opines SpaceX President

Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX president and COO, demanded deregulation at the first National Space Council. She expressed her opinion at the meeting between space industry executives and White House officials that took place on October 5, 2017.

Shotwell said, “If we want to achieve rapid progress in space, the U.S. government must remove bureaucratic practices that run counter to innovation and speed.”

Vice President of SpaceX, Mike Pence and other space industry executives were present at the meeting. They are focused on comprehensive goals to achieve leadership status in the space industry.

She called for better regulatory details and outlined her company as ‘working well’ in collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Shotwell highlighted difficulties of vehicle operators to obtain rocket launch licenses. She commented, ‘it requires heroics’ for bringing a minor change. Operators need to apply for new license even if a minor change such as switching launch pads at spaceport is made.

SpaceX demands streamlined licensing process to launch rockets frequently. The company has successfully completed 13 out of 13 launches in 2017. It is more than any other nation.

The amount of time it takes to apply is a major issue that SpaceX president pointed out. The process needs six months to complete.

Shotwell said, regulations written a long ago need to be updated to maintain pace with new technologies and high cadence of launch. It will enable the United States to have a strong space launch industry.

SpaceX president believes, her company is bringing back the U.S. dominance in space. Executives of Lockheed Martin, Blue Origin, Orbital ATK, Boeing, and Sierra Nevada Corporation backed the idea.

Shotwell said the U.S. is the leading country in space launch innovation.



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