YouTube says no to ‘Bump Stock’, blocks instructional videos

The Google-owned video streaming company banned video tutorials demonstrating the methods to make rifles more lethal using ‘bump stock.’

YouTube says no to Bump Stock
No more tutoring on ‘Bump Stock’, YouTube bars videos

YouTube banned video tutorials that give instructions to make rifles deadlier with the help of a device known as ‘bump stock’. The company took this decision following a mass killing in Las Vegas that took place in early October 2017.


The bump stock device allows semi-automatic rifles to fire similarly as fully-automatic rifles. The device activates the bump firing, in which gun’s kickback pulls the trigger rapidly.

Federal law in the U.S. has not banned the technique yet. It came under scrutiny after discovering the shooter, Stephen Paddock implemented it in Las Vegas shooting. He fired hundreds of rounds onto the masses at Mandalay Bay. The gunfire killed 58 people and injured 489.

The shooting is proclaimed as the most lethal committed by a single person in the U.S. history. Diane Feinstein, California Senator stated on record, there is a need for a new law to ban the technology.

However, National Rifle Association (NRA) countered the declaration of Senator of ban on the technology. NRA stated there is a need for similar regulations as those that administer the guns.

YouTube highlighted its policy against harmful and threatening content. Following the massacre in Las Vegas, the company inspected videos that show the process of making guns fire more rapidly. Then it updated its existing policy to restrict those videos.

The company outlines the ban on bump stocks is not something new; it is an expansion of existing policies. The google-owned video streaming company has already banned videos that include links to the sale of firearms and bump stocks.

Videos violating the community guidelines of YouTube will be flagged for removal by public.