Amazon Launches Amazon Sumerian for Developing AR, VR, and 3D Apps

At the AWS re:Invent Midnight Madness kick-off event, Amazon introduced a platform to help developers quickly build AR, VR, and 3D apps.

Amazon Launches Amazon Sumerian
Amazon Sumerian: Treat For AR, VR, and 3D App Developers From Amazon

Amazon announced Amazon Sumerian for developers to build and host AR, VR, and 3D apps rapidly and with less coding on November 27. The company made an announcement at midnight during its AWS re:Invent Midnight Madness kick-off event.

Amazon Sumerian can be used to develop apps for smartphones and tablets, digital signage, head-based displays, and web browsers. The platform is free-to-use like other AWS services. Users need to pay only for storing apps based on this platform.

The U.S. tech giant’s platform is capable of designing in AR, VR, and 3D environments using pre-built object libraries. It is capable of developing animated characters using Lex speech recognition and Polly for natural language understanding, and transferring the apps to a different hardware.

Amazon realized the need to utilize the potential of VR and AR technologies across industries for various purposes such as educating and grooming employees to develop interfaces for better user experiences.

Marco Argenti, Vice President, Technology, AWS, said in a statement, “Customers are daunted and overwhelmed by the up-front investment in specialized skills and tools required to even get started building a VR or AR application. With Amazon Sumerian, it is now possible for any developer to create a realistic, interactive VR or AR application in a few hours.”

The U.S. tech giant has combined forces with third-party developers to offer features such as Mapbox for location services.

The widespread adoption of this platform depends on its ease of use and time saving abilities.