Apple Becomes World’s Top Wearable Manufacturer, Claims New Report

According to the new report, Apple clinched the top spot among the wearable devices manufacturers, surpassing Chinese giant, Xiaomi.

Apple Becomes Top Wearable Manufacturer
Apple Becomes Top Brand In Wearables, States New Report

According to new report published by Canalys, Apple became the largest manufacturer of wearable devices after the release of its Apple Watch in September 2017. The U.S. tech giant shipped 3.9 million units of wearables in the third quarter of 2017.

Only 800,000 units of the Apple Watch were shipped till date. Supply issues restricted shipment of many units, but analysts estimate that the holiday season will be helpful for Apple to grow its shipments.

Apple shipped 2.8 million units of wearables in the third quarter in 2016. With figures of the Q3 2017 coming into the picture, Apple has 23 percent of the market share. It surpassed Xiaomi, which has 21 percent, followed by 20 percent of Fitbit.

Huawei and Samsung were among top five market players with six percent and five percent, respectively. The remaining brands occupied 25 percent of market share.

Though third quarter is the weakest period for the sales of wearable devices, top manufacturers gained huge in Q3 2017. The overall industry was down by three percent due to declining interest in fitness bands.

However, Canalys stated that it is a good sign for market players for promoting their smartwatches and other devices. Manufacturers like Apple have been offering LTE services in its smartwatches to step up the competition.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, commented on its smartwatch sales in the company’s most recent earnings report. He said that watch sales increased by 50 percent for the third consecutive quarter as people are more inclined toward health services.