US Government Cautions Businesses About Bug In Intel Chips

Though no one has been affected yet, the US Government has alerted organizations about a security flaw in Intel chips.

US Government Cautions Businesses About Bug
Take Action Against Bugs In Intel Chips, U.S. Government Urges Businesses

The US Government issued warning to businesses about security flaws in Intel’s chips on 21 November. Security experts are struggling to determine the effect of newly discovered flaws.

After being notified about the security vulnerability, the Department of Homeland Security offered the guidance to businesses. The tech giant discovered security flaws in its remote-management software, “Management Engine”.

The software is installed in computers sold by Lenovo Group Ltd., Dell Technologies Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., and others.

Security experts have expressed uncertainty about the extent and nature of the attack due to this loophole. However, they found that Intel’s chips were installed in majority of the computers worldwide.

“These vulnerabilities affect essentially every business computer and server with an Intel processor released in the last two years,” said Jay Little, a security engineer at cyber consulting firm, Trail of Bits.

He added that hacker needs to know the administrator user name and password of the computer. Moreover, the machine needs to be configured for remote access.

Intel highlighted that it has reported an incident wherein the hackers took advantage of the security flaw.

Agnes Kwan, an Intel spokesperson, highlighted that the company offered software patches to address the issue to all leading computer manufacturers. However, it depends on them whether to distribute patches to their computers users.

The Department of Homeland Security recommended users to take necessary measures to Intel’s warnings. It also urged users to install a software that can determine the presence of the faulty chip.

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