A10 Statement Comes With Ominous Warning Of Future Cyberattacks

Reports from technology firm, A10 state that the past year saw some of the biggest data breaches and ransomware attacks in the recent times, and warned that 2018 could bring more.

A10 Statement Comes With Ominous Warning Of Future Cyberattacks
A10 Issues Report Chronicling Past Cyberattacks

According to technology firm A10, the last year has seen some of the largest cyber-attacks in the recent times. The company went on to state that it believes the attacks could get worse in 2018.

The company made the statement after analyzing the scenario of cyber security over the year. Speaking of the issue, the company’s founder and CEO, Lee Chen stated that cryptocurrencies were likely to become the main target for hackers.

He pointed out that this had a lot to do with the amount of hype and media coverage associated with these kind of crimes.

He said, “I think the digital transformation is the underlying motivation for hackers…So expect the frequency, the size, the volume of hacks to continue to increase in 2018”.

Chen went on to explain that while most of the incidents reported in 2017 had been politically or financially motivated, the core source of cyberattacks could be anything.

While commenting on the source of the attacks he said, “It could be a professional, could be an innocent teenager who has nothing to do from home-it can come from anywhere”.

A10’s prediction and warning seems viable considering the number of cybersecurity breaches recorded in the past year.

Just last week, a cryptocurrency mining platform called NiceHash admitted that it had been compromised. The company declared losses of close to worth $64 million.

The NiceHash incident is the newest in a long line of cyberattacks, which have made headlines throughout the year. Others include the Equifax data breach, which affected close to 146 million consumers.

There was also a hack on Uber where hackers accessed and stole the personal data of close to 57 million users. While Uber’s hack actually took place in 2016, it was only made public in 2017.

Additionally, a form of ransomware called WannaCry affected close to 10,000 organizations and 20,000 individuals across 150 countries.


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