App Stores Earnings To Reach $110 Billion in 2018, Reports App Annie

App Annie’s Report highlights that there could be a 30 percent increase in spending on app stores. Additionally, China, India, and Brazil could be the key markets for these stores in 2018.

App Stores Earnings To Reach $110 Billion
App Annie: Consumers To Spend $110 Billion On App Stores In 2018

According to App Annie, consumer spending on app stores would cross $110 billion in 2018. This marks a 30 percent increase in spending compared to the previous year.

App Annie, a mobile app analytics platform, outlined that majority of the spending will be on gaming apps. The introduction of in-app subscription will impact the spending considerably for non-gaming app. Though gaming apps will have a majority of share, the market share of non-gaming apps is expected to increase in 2018.

App Annie published a report about forecasts for 2018 on Tuesday. The report stated that China, India, and Brazil were countries to watch out for in 2018. The growth rate in China would surpass the global growth rate. Furthermore, the Chinese market is already at the apex in terms of spending on iOS app store.

Additionally, the time spent by consumers on the app store in India and Brazil will increase in 2018. The android app counterpart also reported a tremendous surge in downloads in India. It coincided with the launch of Jio network by Reliance. The Brazilian market will grow, like India, with increase in smartphone user base.

Another factor impacting the app ecosystem is that app store revamps from iOS and Google Play. These tech giants will strive to improve app discovery and encourage users to download entertainment apps. Subsequently, improved app discovery could lead to in-app purchases.

App Annie’s report also highlighted that augmented reality (AR) apps could gain traction in 2018.


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