Facebook Messenger Video Chats: 17 Billion Sessions Recorded in 2017

The number of video chats on Messenger has doubled in comparison to 2016 along with creation of 2.5 million group chats every day in 2017.

Facebook Messenger Video Chats 17 Billion Sessions Recorded in 2017
Facebook Messenger Records Astonishing 17 Billion Sessions In 2017

Facebook announced that its Messenger recorded 17 billion video sessions in 2017 on December 13. Additionally, the number of sessions has doubled as compared to 2016.

“The art of conversation has evolved, and we’re no longer limited to just text. Just think about it, now you can group video chat with masks, choose from thousands of emojis or GIFs to add more color to your messages, and immediately capture and share photos, even when you’re already in a conversation,” wrote Sean Kelly, Product Management Director, Messenger, in a blog post.

Users from across the world, including Antarctica used Messenger for video chat service. Moreover, they shared over 500 billion emojis and 18 billion GIFs in 2017.

The social media giant introduced augmented reality features such as filters, masks, and reactions in June to enhance user experience. In addition, videos, GIFs, and group video conversations helped people express themselves better and provided freedom to connect with others in a way they wanted.

Kelly added visual messaging has become a new universal language to make conversations joyful, impactful, and fun. The company also invested in fast and powerful camera along with addition thousands of stickers, frames, and other effects.

New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day were three among the top five most active days for conversations on Messenger. In addition, the number of new user groups created on Messenger every day in 2017 were nearly 2.5 million. The average group conversation included 10 users.

Facebook said though some people argue that messaging is detaching people from each other, it found that messaging brought people closer.


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