FCC Approves Wireless Charging Gadgets

WattUp Mid Field operates similar to WiFi and send radio frequency energy to a distance up to three feet to charge devices.

FCC Approves Wireless Charging Gadgets
Contactless Charging Device Gets Approval From FCC

The Federal Communications Commission gave an approval to the first wireless charger on Tuesday. This device eliminates the need to make contact with the device for charging battery.

Energous, the startup based in California which also built the WattUp Mid Field transmitter, outlined that the certification from FCC “marks a significant milestone for the consumer electronics industry and paves the way for future wireless charging ubiquity” for various devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and more.

WattUp charges devices by sending a radio frequency energy up to the distance of three feet, stated company in a press release. The WattUp has an ability to charge multiple devices at the same time if they are within the distance of three feet.

The device functions similarly to the functionality of WiFi by ensuring the interoperability between transmitter and receiver regardless of manufacturer. The entire ecosystem of the device is accessible and flexible for consumers and manufacturing companies.

Martin Cooper, a member of Board of Directors of Energous, said the WattUp “represents an incredibly positive lifestyle change.”

He added, “This ground-breaking technology allows users to automatically charge their WattUp-enabled devices without having to remove them from their wrist or pocket, plug them in or place them on a mat to charge, freeing them from ever having to think about charging their devices again.”

Many companies have been striving to develop a wireless charging device due to the huge consumer demand. Though Energous becomes the first firm to get FCC certification of wireless charging technology, other companies have been developing similar products.

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