KGI Report States Apple Will Launch New AirPods Next Year

In a report made by KGI analyst, Ming- Chi Kuo, technology conglomerate Apple Inc. has announced its decision to launch its new AirPods in the second half of 2018.

KGI Report States Apple Will Launch New AirPods Next Year
Upgraded AirPods Likely To Hit Shelves Next Year

According to a report made by a KGI analyst called Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple Inc. is on the brink of announcing the launch of its new AirPods line which could hit stores in the latter half of 2018.

Apple has already admitted that it will be launching a new AirPower inductive charging case in 2018. If KGI reports are to be believed, it will also be launching the AirPods around the same time.

Apple had originally previewed the AirPods alongside its AirPower at the iPhone X launch in September. At the time, it advertised AirPower as its first inductive charging mat which would have the ability to charge an iPhone, the Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously.

However, at the time, Apple had neglected to announce a date for the imminent launch. Apple had vaguely announced the date would be “early next year”.

AirPods on the other hand are a product that Apple introduced last year.

The Apple alternative to the regular earphone has gained immense popularity since its release and is currently sold out on the Apple store.

Apple has faced a number of sourcing problems where its supply has been unable to live up to the demand. This has proved true specifically with the newly launched iPhone X.

In order to get ahead of the demand that it anticipates for the upgraded AirPods, Apple is attempting to outsource material efficiently.  According to sources, Apple is now sourcing its smaller components from a company known as TXC.

This in turn has sparked rumors that the new AirPods will be smaller than the current model. Sources also stated that Apple is likely to launch the wireless charger for the AirPods next year.

When that will be however, is still a matter of intense speculation.

However, many believe that the newest version of the AirPods will ship with the charger in the box.


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