Magic Leap Releases Creator Edition Headset, Portal To Release In Early 2018

The startup released images of people with black Lightwear, a discman, and a remote to outline the launch of its first product.

Magic Leap Releases Creator Edition Headset, Portal To Release In Early 2018
Leap One: Magic Leap Launches Stand-alone Mixed Reality Headset

Magic Leap releases its new product, Magic Leap One: Creator Edition on December 20. The company released images of people wearing black headset, holding remote, and wearing a discman.

The new product is Lightwear, a stand-alone mixed-reality headset, accompanied with processing pack, portable power, and a remote. It would be released in early 2018, according to company’s website. The company has not yet begun preorder yet, but asks users to sign up on the email list.

Leap One is capable of combining digital animations and real world. The company claims the augmented reality (AR) technology can combine digital objects with real world scenario that will not put strain on user’s eyes.

Cameras and sensors would map the surrounding to make virtual object seem as natural. Moreover, it helps users remember where they put virtual objects. It also offers features such as voice & gesture controls and audio sounds that can make user feel their cat is near or at specific location.

Julia Gaynor, Magic Leap spokesperson said, “Anyone who is a creative or a developer or in the gaming community has the opportunity to make anything they imagine on this device. Early adopters too. We think they will have a really good time tinkering and creating.”

Magic Leap outlined the devices displayed in the images do not represent the exact product, but “product equivalent device.” The company located its manufacturing facility below its offices where it can create prototypes rapidly.

The startup said its Leap one is designed for developers and other creatives to create content for the platform.


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