Mute People & Pages For 30 Days: Facebook Launches ‘Snooze’ Button

To help users to see less of the content from particular groups, pages, and friends, Facebook launched a feature called ‘Snooze’. This helps them to see less posts on their walls without unfollowing or unfriending.

Mute People & Pages For 30 Days Facebook Launches 'Snooze' Button
Facebook Launches Snooze Feature To Mute Posts For 30 Days

Facebook launched a new feature, known as ‘snooze’, to provide control over the content they wish to see on their News Feed. This feature is available for users on the dropdown menu on the top-right corner of the post.

By clicking on the ‘snooze’ option, users will be able to mute the content from page, people, or group for 30 days. This eliminates the need to unfriend the person or unfollow the page.

This button helps people to see less of the content such as baby photos, political rants, or posts from people who update their feed constantly. For pages and groups, snooze button will help them see less posts and updates. Else, users need to unlike the page or leave the group.

Facebook stated that snooze button joins the list of other content control features for News Feed, including Unfollow, Report, Hide, and See First. These features offer many ways to customize their experience.

Snooze has not been added as an empowering tool, but a tool to assist people to distance themselves from friends, groups, and pages with different perspectives including political, religious, cultural, and others. Moreover, this would avoid people from unfriending their friends on Facebook who have different point of views.

Facebook noted that as the Snooze period reaches its end, it notifies user of the end of period. This provides an option to users to snooze them again or reverse a snooze at any time.


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