New Patent For Apple: Navigation System For Autonomous Cars

The patented technology from tech giant provides a computerized model to identify routes with the help of processors and sensors in the autonomous vehicle.

New Patent For Apple Navigation System For Autonomous Cars
Apple To Make Navigation Of Self Driving Cars Efficient With New Patent

Apple Inc. patented a navigation system for autonomous cars. The patent application released on December 21 revealed the details on Apple’s research in self-driving car industry.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published the application titled, “Autonomous Navigation System” on December 21. The work on the patent has been going since at least 2015.

The Cupertino-based tech giant explained the methods to build more efficient navigations system for self-driving vehicles. Its system reduces the need to rebuild apps constantly.

The patent from Apple claimed that many self-driving cars build their navigation systems based on static information such as maps. Moreover, they utilize sensors to gain real-time information on elements that frequently change from day to day. These efforts are focused on minimization of the enormous computing power required to drive the car.

Apple’s patented system would direct the car “independently of any data received from any devices external to the vehicle, and any navigation data stored locally to the vehicle prior to any monitoring of navigation.”

The technology from tech giant offers a computerized model to determine routes using processors and sensors in the vehicle. A year ago, Apple stated that it had been invested in transportation-related technology in a letter sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The pages-long patent application offered insights about how the company would focus on potential future projects. In a fiercely competitive scenario of self-driving industry, small improvements and innovative technologies will prove influential to gain leadership status.


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