NiceHash: More Than $60 Million Worth Bitcoins Hacked

Users of the cryptocurrency mining website reported through Twitter and Reddit about a cyberattack that led to loss of hundreds of dollars of users.

NiceHash More Than $60 Million Worth Bitcoins Hacked
More Than $60 Million Stolen In Bitcoin, Reports NiceHash

NiceHash reported that hackers stole more than $60 million from its platform on December 6. The users of the cryptocurrency mining platform expressed fear of losing hundreds of dollars on Twitter and Reddit.

NiceHash allows users to provide computing capacity to mine digital currencies. The mining platform reported on Twitter that it is undergoing “maintenance”. Later, it reported that its team is working hard to solve issues on its platform.

The cryptocurrency mining platform closed down the site for the day to investigate the issue.

“We are working to verify the precise number of BTC (bitcoin) taken,” said the company. “Clearly, this is a matter of deep concern and we are working hard to resolve the matter in the coming days.”

The company conducted its own investigation, and has reported the matter to the concerned authorities and law enforcement agencies. The company is working in collaboration with the law enforcers by considering the incident as a matter of urgency.

The mining platform provider could not provide the exact figure of bitcoin stolen. However, users indicate that bitcoin wallet having 4,736.42 bitcoins, which are equivalent to $68 million have been stolen.

Andrej P. Škraba, Head of Marketing at the firm, confirmed the news of hacking to Reuters. He added that approximately 4,700 bitcoins, which are equivalent to nearly $68 million according to current prices were stolen in the hack.

Marko Kobal, CEO of NiceHash, was not available for comments on the matter.

The company needs to take necessary measures to recover the stolen bitcoins to maintain patronage, and work on safeguarding its platform to prevent such incidents in future.


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