Patent Infringement: Qualcomm Files Three Complaints Against Apple

Qualcomm’s three new lawsuits against Apple are an addition to the long-ranging legal battle between two tech giants over patent infringement.

Qualcomm Files Three Complaints Against Apple
Qualcomm Sues Apple; Three Complaints Filed For Patent Infringement

Qualcomm Inc. announced to have filed three lawsuits for patent infringement against Apple Inc. on November 30. The company added that there were 16 more patents that the Cupertino-based tech giant were using in its iPhones.

These new complaints are an addition to the dispute between two tech giants. On November 29, Apple filed a suit against Qualcomm alleging that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips infringed on Apple patents.

The company claimed that it used its own patents and technology in its iPhones. However, the company refused to comment on three new complaints.

In July 2017, the California-based chipmaker accused Apple of infringing few patents that enabled their phones to have better battery life. Another complaint was filed to ban the import of iPhones using Intel chips due the alleged patent violations.

The three lawsuits were filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California in San Diego.

One of the lawsuits is an adjacent civil lawsuit to the new lawsuit filed with the ITC on November 30. It seeks the same action of banning iPhones having Intel chips. On the other hand, the other two lawsuits were filed for civil patent infringement.

The chipmaker also registered a complaint against Apple for an alleged breach of a software agreement between both tech giants in November. Qualcomm alleged that Apple emailed a request for “highly confidential” information on the functionality of its chips on an unidentified wireless carrier’s network.

There are more lawsuits filed by Apple and Qualcomm against each other in the dispute over patents. It is interesting to see how a long-ranging legal war between these companies will end.


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