PUBG Corporation To Release Xbox One, Gaming Community Excited

After the release for PC in March 2017, PUBG is set to make its debut on Xbox One across the world.

PUBG Corporation To Release Xbox One
PUBG To Debut On Xbox One; Company Confirms Release Date

PUBG Corporation confirmed that it will launch its game on Xbox One. The company also rolled out the exact time at which gamers from various countries can get their hands on the new console.

Major Nelson indicated that gamers from Australia and New Zealand may initially find it difficult to play matches. But, it will become easier as the game is released worldwide.

Microsoft revealed some significant details on PUBG’s control setup on console. The tech giant revealed that it collaborated with the Xbox Advanced Technology Group and The Coalition, the developer of Gears of War on a setup. It will offer “enough flexibility to survive in the hostile battleground and to effectively manage in-game equipment on the fly.”

PUBG will debut on Xbox One through Game Preview program. Users will be able to determine if the game has bugs, glitches, and others before buying.

Nelson wrote in a blog post, “PUBG Corp are approaching development on Xbox One with the same community-driven focus that they’ve taken with the game on PC and your feedback is key.”

Gamers will be able to provide feedback to developers, report troubleshoot issues, and get real-time updates.

Users who will pre-order the game digitally do not have an option of Xbox Game Preview. Prior to its release, users can also buy exclusive add-ons for their characters.

As the game is in the development phase, user feedback would be crucial to make it the best game.


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