Slow Fingerprint Unlocking In Pixel 2 XL After Oreo Update, Reports Users

Users raised concerns over slow fingerprint unlocking on the Google Product Forums and Reddit. Pixel team is looking into the issue and will fix soon.

Slow Fingerprint Unlocking In Pixel 2 XL After Oreo Update, Reports Users
Users Complain about Slow Fingerprint Sensor In Pixel 2 XL Following Oreo Update

Some of the Pixel 2 XL users have reported that they have been facing slow fingerprint unlocking issue on their devices after the Android 8.1 Oreo update. The concern has been raised on Google Product Forums and Google has been working on the fix.

Users in Android Police have spotted that affected users reported that their Android 8.1-powered Pixel 2 XL models took about a second longer to unlock their devices through the fingerprint scanner.

“My Pixel 2 XL’s screen takes a good second before the screen turns on. This just started after performing the update,” one of the users posted on Google forums.

Apart from official forums, the issues had been raised on Reddit and YouTube. One of the videos on YouTube showed a three-second delay in unlocking the phone.

In a response to the issue, Orrin Hancock, the Google Community Manager outlined that he would contact specific individuals privately for gain insights on bugs and acquire additional information. However, a top contributor, who has a username ScottG_TC on Google Product Forums highlighted that the Pixel team is familiar with the issue and will fix it soon.

Though this has not been the major issue, there have been issues regarding Google Pixel 2 XL reported at a mass level. The flagship Pixel device had a bootloader bug in the past which company fixed recently. In November, users reported that the Pixel 2 XL caused an instant reboot after connecting to an LTE network.

Though Google has not commented on the issue, but the company is aware of it an fix it soon.


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