Sony & Nintendo’s Online Services Face Connection Outages

Users suffer issues in redeeming vouchers on PSN and connection issues while accessing Nintendo eShop. Both companies have been working to resolve issues.

Sony & Nintendo's Online Services Face Connection Outages
Connection Outage Issues Arise In Sony’s PSN & Nintendo's Eshop

Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) and Nintendo’s Eshop online services have been undergoing connection outages. Both companies suffered due to connection issues as users have been accessing the service to redeem vouchers and play games.

Sony confirmed the issue on Twitter, stating that it is “aware that some users are having issues redeeming vouchers on PSN.” However, some of the players expressed frustration on Twitter outlining that PS4 issues are not limited only to redeeming vouchers. They were facing problems in connecting to online services.

Nintendo also outlined it had been working on resolving connection issues faced by some people. Nintendo America expressed an apology for the issues and promised that it would fix soon.

“We apologize for any issues you may be experiencing with Nintendo eShop,” Nintendo wrote in a tweet. “We are working on it and hope to have this resolved soon.”

On the Christmas day, the issues were recovered largely and smoothed out at some extent. However, there were outages in online services of both companies.

Users having trouble in connecting to the PlayStation Network or Eshop need to give some time to sort itself out. The downtime was not as nightmarish as compared to the scenario from December 2014. At that time, both Xbox Live and PSN were breached and made unavailable for significant amount of time.

Issues regarding connection to online servers occur during Christmas as users in huge amount try to connect to redeem vouchers, play games, and gain discounts.


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