Twitch Votes Against New FCC Regulation, Releases Statement Supporting Net Neutrality

Among many tech companies explaining their stance ahead of FCC vote, Twitch becomes another company to support fair and open internet.

Twitch Votes Against New FCC Regulation, Releases Statement Supporting Net Neutrality
Twitch Supports Net Neutrality; Releases Official Statement

Twitch Interactive, an Amazon-owned live streaming video platform expressed its support for new neutrality on December 13. Ahead of the vote on new regulations proposed by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on December 14, Twitch became another tech company among dozen companies to oppose.

Amazon had already outlined that it supports net neutrality. However, Twitch’s own statement highlighted how the change in regulations may affect live streaming and streamers making a living on its platform.

Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch emphasized on the role net neutrality played in the history of its streaming service. He said the company would have not been where it is today and streamers would not be there tomorrow.

“Because our streamer community –many of which are small business owners –depend on their viewers having easy access to their channels and reliable quality of service, repealing net neutrality will erode the power of the internet to enable and create these types of jobs,” he added. “This is why we are lending our voice to championing a free and open internet.”

Net neutrality offers internet service as utility, due to which, service providers cannot treat any website or service differently. This offers every website a fair and open platform on the internet.

As Twitch, being a video streaming service, utilizes more internet bandwidth than other websites, it is believed that it may be at risk if new regulations change the way internet is operated.

The fate of Twitch and other video streaming companies hang in balance as FCC votes on December 14.