Twitter To Inform Users If Reason Behind Blocking Content Is Compliance With Local Laws

Twitter decided it will message users if their tweets were blocked due to noncompliance with local laws and legal demands.

Twitter To Inform Users If Reason Behind Blocking Content Is Compliance With Local Laws
Twitter To Message Users If Content Was Blocked For Compliance With Local Regulations

Twitter will inform users if their tweets were blocked to comply with local laws and regulations. The new interstitials will inform users as they access blocked tweets.

The social media giant calls it Country Withheld Content (CWC), about which public has already gained information through notices sent to affected accounts. Public also gained information about CWC through Twitter’s own biannual transparency report and Lumen, which is a database of legal requests made for removal of online content.

In an announcement, Jeremy Kessel, Global Legal Policy Director of Twitter said, “The more that we can share about our actions, the better the public can understand the various challenges, legal or otherwise, that we face and how we handle them. We are pleased to be able to share this step, but there is more to be done.”

Twitter received requests for removal that referred to about 14,120 accounts. Out of those, the social media giant took no action against 9,337 accounts, while some content was withheld from 1,760 and content was removed for violating Twitter’s terms of service from 3,023.

Twitter received removal requests from across 46 countries, out of which about 90% came from France, Russia, Germany, and Turkey. Turkey alone contributed for more than 45% of removal requests across the world.

The social media giant outlined it received eight legal requests for removal of content from the verified accounts of media outlets or journalists, However, it did not take any action as per requests. In few cases, there were legal objections filed by Twitter to court orders that included Turkish news media. But none of its objections gained success in the court.

Twitter would also message users if their accounts were blocked due to legal issues or violation of local rules. All interstitials will be linked to information regarding Twitter’s policies.

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