Uber To Join Hands With A Global Public Transport Association

The ride-hailing giant aims to improve mobility and connect to more users across the its operating cities by partnering with the International Association of Public Transportation (UITP).

Uber To Join Hands With A Global Public Transport Association
Uber To Partner With UITP For Connecting More People

Uber, the U.S. ride-hailing service said it is joining forces with a global public transport association, the International Association of Public Transportation (UITP) on Monday. The giant aims to improve the mobility in the cities it is currently operating and connect to more users.

Andrew Salzberg, Head of Transportation, Policy and Research, Uber said joining hands with public transport authorities would help it to be a better partner in the cities it is caters.

UITP is an association representing public transport authorities across the world. The California-based firm needs to reassure transport authorities that it is taking preventive measures after the recent revelation of massive data breach. After the appointment of new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, the company has adopted a collaborative approach.

“One of the big emphases that Dara has made … is that we want to be better partners for the cities we operate in,” said Salzberg.

He also acknowledged that the announcement of joining forces with UITP is a part of the company’s plan to improve relationship with local authorities.

Alain Flausch, Secretary General of UITP, said, “Uber’s relations with the association indicated that the company is willing to share a better relationship with regulatory bodies.”

“They are kind of saying to every politician: ‘We are joining the community and we want to help in the new ecosystem’,” Flausch told Reuters.

The ride-hailing giant outlined that it would participate in a series of training sessions with UITP. The sessions would begin with the first and last mile issue of public transport, which would connect people in a better way at the beginning or end of their journey.

Flausch said he would check if the company is sticking to its promises.


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