Intel Says Security Updates Do Not Make Significant Impact On Performance

The biggest chipmaker in the world stated the impact of security update will not be significant and can be reduced with the period of time, citing reports from top tech giants.

Intel Says Security Updates Do Not Make Significant Impact On Performance
Intel States Impact Of Security Updates On Performance Not Significant

Intel Corp. said security fixes for its microchips will not lower the speed of computers. It released the statement amid the reports stating flaws in Intel microprocessors slow down performance of computers.

In a statement released on late Thursday, Intel said the impact of security updates will not be considerable and can be reduced over time. The chipmaker also outlined tech giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft reported that there was little or no performance impact of security updates on devices.

Intel, the biggest chip manufacturer in the world confirmed earlier this week that its microprocessors allowed access to hackers to steal information from phones, computers, and other devices. As a result, its shares dived 2 percent as investors raised concerns regarding financial liability and reputational damages from the disclosure.

Security researchers discovered two security flaws. The first is known as Meltdown, which impacts Intel chips and allows hackers access to the hardware barrier between the computer’s memory and applications run by users. This would allow hackers to read a computer’s memory and gain access to passwords. The second is called Spectre, which affected chips from Intel, ARM, and AMD. This permits hackers to make error-free applications give up secret information.

Security experts highlighted that there may be lawsuits against the company claiming new updates slows down performance and enforce users to buy new hardware. Large customers may seek compensation for hardware or software fixes from the U.S. chipmaker.

Intel stated the issues did not occur from design flaws and urged users to download security patch and update operating systems.


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