Unbreakable Encryption: A Growing Issue In FBI

The default encryption settings restrict ability of FBI to obtain evidence to pursue criminal cases, as a result, it might pose threat to public safety.

Unbreakable Encryption A Growing Issue In FBI
FBI Raises Safety Issue With Lack Of Access Due To Encryption

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) needs an access to devices of suspects during the investigation of several criminal cases. Despite obtaining an official permission to pry on devices, it is unable to obtain required information due to powerful encryption on devices. The recently held the International Conference on Cyber Security conference in New York outlined the concerns over privacy and security.

FBI Director Christopher Wray highlighted that powerful encryptions have been preventing access to electronic devices. This would become a serious public safety issue if persists. Though law enforcement authorities have permission to pry on some devices, they could not access nearly 7,800 devices in the fiscal year ended on September 30, 2017. Commenting on the statistics, Wray said FBI could not access nearly half of the devices it intended for criminal investigation. He outlined the FBI supports strong information and encryption, but the current scenario is inexcusable.

However, some technology companies and digital researchers opined that the access by FBI would make those devices vulnerable to hackers and threaten internet security. The U.S. lawmakers also expressed little interest in implementing a legislation which would make companies manufacture products of which contents can be accessed by authorities after obtaining a warrant.

In the world of technology, many crimes have been committed with the help of electronic devices. So, FBI relies heavily on evidence that can be obtained through electronic mediums. There is a need for significant innovation.

Tech companies stated that allowed encrypted access to law enforcement authorities weaken cyber security. On the other hand, law enforcement authorities complain that default encryption setting restrict them from collecting evidence in criminal cases.


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