Find Ways To Impress AI Robot, He Might Be Taking Your Job Interview

Video hiring-tool services use AI robots to take interviews. Recruiters opt for these tools as they allow candidates to interview at any time and help recruiters assess and compare all the interviews in less time.

Find Ways To Impress AI Robot, He Might Be Taking Your Job Interview
Now AI Robots To Take Job Interviews, Firms Opt For Technology To Save Time & Cost

Recruiting talent is not an easy task for organizations. The conventional process of interviewing candidates by employees of a company has been replaced with advancement of technology. Companies have opted for artificial intelligence (AI) to hire new employees. It has been surprising for candidates when they see the person on the other side in not a real person, but an AI robot. Recruiters want to bring the best talent from the industry faster and efficiently. This led them to opt for AI robot to hire new talent and finish the hiring process, which took nearly couple of weeks, in few days. Smart hiring tools have been deployed and AI has been used in some form in recruitment process by nearly 33 percent of respondents in a survey conducted by Deloitte in 2017. By the end of this year, the figure is expected to grow significantly.

Eyal Grayevsky founded FirstJob, an online job search platform in 2012. He discovered that many applicants did not hear anything back from employers and their applications went into a “black hole.” Four years later, Grayevsky launched Mya, an AI recruiting tool which assists in recruitment process through engagement with applicants. Mya responds to applicants through text, asks basic questions regarding salary expectation, joining date, and others, and directs their queries to recruiters if she does not know the answer. Based on preprogrammed assessment models, Mya either rules candidates out from process or moves them to the next round. The results have been astonishing. Nearly 73 percent of surveyed applicants who interacted with Mya conveyed that they interacted with a human recruiter.

Video hiring-tool firms such as HireVue and Montage outlined speed as their key for getting business from recruiters. These services are opted by recruiters as they allow candidates to interview at any time and help recruiters assess and compare all the interviews in less time. HireVue CEO Kevin Parker opined that there is not a war for talent right now, there is a race. Recruiters who are selecting and reaching out to candidates the fastest are the ones who will win and enjoy a competitive advantage.

HireVue offers tips on their website for candidates to handle the AI robot recruiter in the best way possible. Moreover, it recommends candidates to dress properly, have good internet connection, and bright lighting in the background. Lindsey Zuloaga, director of data science at HireVue always has been asked one question, what if applicant tricks AI robot? She said, “If you can game being excited about and interested in the job, yes, you could game that with a person as well. You’re not going to game it without being a very good actor.”

Another advantage of using AI for recruitment process is that customizable AI helps in assessment of video interviews of candidates. Based on more than 250,000 data points, a score is given to each video by AI robot. Those data points include speech, tone, audio, facial expressions, and others. Moreover, these points can be customized based on need of recruiters. In addition, AI can refine its accuracy over time with the help of machine learning. AI robot also has ability to eliminate human bias. So, there will be diversity in employees of a company. Implementation of AI robots in hiring process is in its infancy. The advancements in technology would lead to higher adoption and faster recruitment process.


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