Synchronized Lighting With Speakers: Logitech’s New Offering To Enhance Gaming Experience

Logitech G launched PC gaming speakers G560, which are not the first gaming speakers to have LED lighting but have an ability to change ambiance of the room completely with the help of the LIGHTSYNC technology.

Synchronized Lighting With Speakers Logitech's New Offering To Enhance Gaming Experience
Lighting With Astounding Sounds: Logitech’s New Speakers To Take Gaming Experience To Next Level

The gaming industry has been able to lure players to screens with their innovative offerings. In those offerings, captivating graphics, exceptional concept, astounding sounds, and many other factors are involved. The success of the game is not limited to only gaming production companies. Gaming equipment manufacturers also play a crucial part in the success of the game as they enhance the overall experience of players. Having speakers that make gamers feel they are actually living in the environment depicted on the screen will give an extraordinary gaming experience. Moreover, lights around the computers complimenting graphics and sounds would add another flavor to overall experience.

This was what Logitech G thought and introduced lighting with its new speakers. Logitech G’s new speakers also feature four RGB LED lighting zones. This feature is able to display nearly 16.8 million colors. Moreover, the company included LIGHTSYNC technology, which will synchronize what is happening on the screen and display lighting accordingly. Though it seems an odd feature for desktop speakers, it is following the latest trend in the gaming industry: the more LEDs, the better.

Logitech G introduced PC gaming speakers G560, which deliver peak power of 240 Watts and average RMS output of 120 Watts. Though the company has been manufacturing speakers from past few years, the G560 became the first set of speakers for gaming division. They are equipped with DTS:X Ultra technology to generate enclosed sound. The G560 are an upgrade of Logitech’s MX Sound speakers, which were launched last Fall. It has a similar design, but a different setup. The previous system had a 2.0 setup; the recent product has 2.1 setup. Moreover, the new launch features a huge downward-firing subwoofer for remarkable bass.

The lighting feature is one of the striking features of the gaming speakers. Though they are not the first gaming speakers to have LED lighting, the G560 have an ability to change ambiance of the room completely. The LIGHTSYNC technology deployed in Logitech’s Gaming Software can display the same colors that are seen on the screen. Even when a user is watching a movie, the colors on the surrounding can be seen.

Technology can be used in various ways when someone is playing a game. If a player is feeling low, he can flash red light on wall behind and raise his spirits. During the demonstration of lighting feature, Logitech G also showed a clear sound and exceptional bass of the G560. The LIGHTSYNC technology is helpful for gamers across the world in other ways than displaying beautiful colors. It helps in reducing the eyestrain. Moreover, Logitech has planned to equip its new G513 mechanical keyboard with the LIGHTSYNC technology. The company will launch both lightening equipped products in April.

Gaming product competitors have adopted various strategies to stay ahead of the curve in the era of massive competition. The inclusion of lighting in gaming speakers is one of them. it is interesting to see what new technologies and features lay ahead for gamers.