God of War: A Novel Way To Portray An ‘Anti-Hero’

Do not judge Kratos by his behavior from the last God of War game. This new Kratos is more lovable yet fearsome than ever and has made gamers fall in love with his anti-hero yet paternal personality.

God of War A Novel Way To Portray An 'Anti-Hero'
God of War: An Example of How A Cool and Perfect a Game Should Be

Remember the last time when you played God of War and Kratos was just a merciless Ghost of Sparta, who smashed every beast on his way? Well, now, get ready to fall in love with Kratos, who portraits a father who wants to connect with his child and has become ashamed of his deeds of previous life. Yes, you read right! God of War’s new storyline has turned Kratos into gaming’s greatest and more relatable character than any other gaming persona.

This year’s sequel of God of War has proved to be awesome at both storyline and action style. Writers are done with providing witty one-liners and more focused on the subtle evolution of the protagonist. The game begins with death of Faye, mother of Atreus and wife of Kratos, and both father-son are set out to fulfil her last wish–to scatter her ashes from atop mountain in the nine realms. Though the request seems simple enough, fulfilling it will be a tough job for a gamer. Since, the journey is filled with countless monsters, ghosts, or supernatural creatures that are just patiently waiting for Kratos to kill, the game has infinite battels to fight. According to Sony, the game is launched with four set of difficulty levels that are extremely tough to complete. In addition, once the ultra-high level is chosen, one cannot just undo the settings. But to change it back, one must play the game from the very beginning.

Apart from storyline, the prime weapon of Kratos is his magic axe that he can throw like Thor’s hammer and it can fly back to him immediately. However, one can choose to fight with bare-hands as Kratos can fully use his strength to kill an attacker. Furthermore, Atreus can accompany him to kill the monsters with his bow and arrow. The game has more advanced battle moves such as ability to juggle enemies, dodge, and parry with shield. Moreover, one can opt for ‘Bayonetta style’ slow-mo effect, which helps prevent monsters from interrupting an attack. God of War follows the trait of recently launched game, Far Cry 5, and includes several side missions to unlock new mysteries, develop new characters, and gather unique and powerful rewards. Moreover, the main story lasts for more than 20 hours, and if one completes every side mission, it becomes exceptionally lengthy. However, game makers believe that as the story and missions are beautifully woven into each other, it will be hard for players to get bored with plot development.

The game provides several “never-seen-before” worlds, actions, monsters, and abilities. However, the most fascinating thing about God of War is its level of interactivity. In any other video game, the minute a cut scene kicks in, one has no other option than to sit back and watch the monotonous narrative. As Kratos is not a loquacious character, the game features minimum dialogues. However, small wordless actions, including failed attempts to console Atreus and bit back anger, talk more about Kratos’ character and make him more relatable. Such narration style has never been opted before, which makes God of War a unique and indeed a “God of Games”.