God Of War Coming For PS4, Four Difficulty Setting To Make It Real Tough

Sony also outlined that the most difficult level "Give Me God of War" is available for those who “wrestle polar bears in their undies.” Moreover, there will be an Immersion Mode which fills the HUD with all the necessary items.

God Of War Coming For PS4, Four Difficulty Setting To Make It Real Tough
God Of War For PS4: Four Difficulty Settings On Horizon Along With HUD Options

Gaming industry has risen drastically in the past decade. The internet has fed the fuel in the rise and the multibillion dollar revenue generating industry has attracted investors and startups with creativity and development skills. Though China is the market where it is the most popular, the world has spending relentlessly in playing various games. The demand for gaming consoles such as Xbox and PS4 has increased with the craze of gaming. Developers have been able to keep people engrossed with ever-increasing difficulty levels and twists. The greater the difficulty level, greater is the interest in chasing and waving a flag of completion among gamers. The developers know the difficulty levels intrigue gamers as they strive to overcome the challenges and brag about their achievements.

Sony, the manufacturer of Play Station 4 (PS4) announced that the new game God of War will be launched soon with four difficulty options. The difficulty levels will be from the easiest to the most difficult. Those four difficulties include “Give Me A Story,” “Give Me A Balanced Experience,” “Give Me A Challenge,” and “Give Me God of War.” Gamers can choose the difficulty levels according to their preferences. The “Give Me A Story” option is for those who want to experience a story and do not want to struggle too much. The “Give Me A Balanced Experience” option would offer a challenging as well as balanced experienced of gaming. The “Give Me A Challenge” option would make it harder for gamers and is less forgiving, Sony said. It also highlighted that this option is for those players who are confident enough and familiar with the God of War series.

Sony also outlined that the “Give Me God of War” option is available for those who “wrestle polar bears in their undies.” This is the level of utmost difficulty. For this difficulty, enemies are stronger, Kratos is weaker, and the behavior of enemies is changed to make it as threatening as possible. Once the ultra-difficult mode is switched on, gamers cannot switch to another difficulty level if the game gets too tough. Gamers need to start over again from the first level.

Sony highlighted that there will be an Immersion Mode which fills the head-up display (HUD) with all the necessary items in the new God of War game. Sony told Gamespot, “There’s no right or wrong way to play; you’ll certainly have a lot of helpful info close at hand if you’re playing with the HUD fully enabled. But for those fans who are sensitive to the HUD, or perhaps for folks who want to stream or capture and would prefer as little UI as possible, there you go.”

Along with difficulty levels and an Immersion Mode, there is one more mode. Gamers have a choice which lets them decide which HUD elements they want to on, off, or enable few through touch pad. Sony has found another way to get gamers hooked by introducing difficulty levels and HUD options. It will be interesting to see how gamers across the world will react to the challenges posed in this game. The God of War will be launched on April 20 for PS4.

Sony challenges gamers with the note that they should not be sorry if the levels get tougher, they must be better.


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