Making Money On YouTube Is Easier Now, New Tools In Place To Make Creators Richer

YouTube will roll out new tools and sponsorships to help creators make money through various ways. This move comes after changing its policies to join YouTube Partner Program earlier this year.

Making Money On YouTube Is Easier Now, New Tools In Place To Make Creators Richer
Sponsorships & New Tools To Make Creators Richer, YouTube Introduces New Monetization Policies

Finally, the world’s most popular video streaming service YouTube has addressed the complaints of creators regarding monetization policies. After the announcement of new monetization policies earlier this year, many creators and contributors criticized the company for making the site more advertiser-friendly. The company also underwent many controversies including top creators such as Logan Paul, showing suicide victims in a video, and PewDiePie using racial slurs repeatedly in its videos. The firm decided to raise the bar and make it easier for contributors to earn more money. It will roll out more tools to help creators make money from their content. Through YouTube Partner Program, which enables creators to make money through advertising, the firm changed its monetization policies. Creators needed to have at least 10,000 total views on their videos to join the program. However, according to the policies released earlier this year, creators need at least 1,000 subscribers and total 4,000 hours of watch-time in first 12 months. This resulted in demonetization of video channels which relied on advertising.

YouTube has been working on stricter policing of content from past few months. However, its systems have not been always accurate. The company outlined that it is developing better systems to review video content. It has been using a machine learning technology to address the issue of misclassification of videos. Following the implementation of this technology, the number of appeals for human review from creators have reduced. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stated that the number of appeals has reduced to 50 percent. She also announced a program regarding video monetization. It will be launched as a pilot testing program with a small number of creators. The system will enable creators to reveal the kind of content during uploading, which is regarding the advertiser-friendly guidelines of YouTube.

“In an ideal world, we’ll eventually get to a state where creators across the platform are able to accurately represent what’s in their videos so that their insights, combined with those of our algorithmic classifiers and human reviewers, will make the monetization process much smoother with fewer false positive demonetizations,” said Wojcicki.

The newly developed system is dependent on self-disclosure of content. This would be another factor for monetization algorithm of YouTube to consider. It would be impossible for all videos to meet the requirements of becoming a YouTube Partner. However, the video streaming service provider said it will release alternate tools to make money. This involves rolling out sponsorships, the program which was in the testing phase since last fall. Sponsorships were introduced to YouTube Gaming community to help prominent creators earn money through monthly subscriptions. Moreover, they had a custom badge and custom emojis for the live chat.

YouTube outlined that there will be many more creators who will have access to sponsorship from this month onwards. However, it has not outlined how these creators will be selected and whether there will be certain requirements to be met. It is not clear yet how the sponsorships will be released to communities outside gaming. The firm is taking an extreme caution before releasing new policies and not addressing the concerns directly. Many small creators have been complaining that they are being punished for the mistake of bigger creators. They also reported that their viewership has reduced considerably and do not know the reason. They only know that something has changed. It will be interesting to see how the changes in policies will play out for the firm and all types of creators.