PlayStation May Lineup: Gamers In For Treat With Free PlayStation Plus Games

Beyond: Two Souls for PS4 and Detroit: Become Human will be two major free games that Sony will be releasing in May along with five other games.

PlayStation May Lineup Gamers In For Treat With Free PlayStation Plus Games
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After releasing a statement about the launch of God of War for Play Station 4 (PS4), Sony is set to treat gamers with two major free games in May. In a competitive market where Xbox and gaming consoles are trying grab major market share, the manufacturer of PS4 Sony has been trying to lure gamers to its consoles by releasing free games. The firm has announced the lineup of PlayStation Plus free games for May. The game headlining the May’s batch is Beyond: Two Souls, which is an interactive drama action-adventure game. This game is developed by Quantic Dream. The developer’s games focus more on storytelling and have a minimal gameplay. Though this type of games is not for everyone, it has gained a huge popularity over the years.

Beyond: Two Souls was released as a PS3 exclusive in 2013 and for PS4 in 2015. The girl named Jodie, played by Ellen Page, possesses supernatural powers as she has a psychic link to Aiden. An interactive storytelling makes the game interesting. Gamers need to perform basic movements with objects to move ahead in the story and experience narratives unfolding. In addition, the decisions gamers make during the game affects the overall plot and story.

Detroit: Become Human is another game that will be released on May 25, 2018. Sony has released a demo version of the game. Though some gamers have not played the game, they can play Beyond: Two Souls to determine what can be expected. As the game had been around since 2013, Quantic Dream has made several improvements with the release of every console.

There are five free games lined up for May. The only PS4 game besides Beyond: Two Souls is Rayman Legends, a four-player co-op action game with an online challenge mode. Gamers with PS3 have an option of Piranha Bytes’ Risen 3: Titan Lords and FlufflyLogic’s Eat Them!, a successor of 1986 classic Rampage. For PlayStation Vita, gamers can download King Oddball and Furmins. King Oddball is available for PS3 and PS4. Both games are stylized puzzle games for gamers who want to tickle their brains.

All of PlayStation Plus games will be available from May 1. PlayStation Plus subscriptions offer players few free games each month along with various deals and discounts. The subscription is available in three options on the PlayStation Store: one month for $9.99 USD, three months for $24.99, and a whole year for $59.99. In addition, a 14-day free trial of the subscription service is available. Sony also announced last month that PS3 and Vita games will not be free for PS Plus subscriptions. All the games downloaded from the beginning will be in an account till the subscription is valid. It will be interesting to see what the response of gamers to new games will be.