Firm Behind PUBG Pulls Developers Of Fortnite To Court, Accuses Of Copyright Infringement

Epic Games have been pulled to court for copyright infringement concerns By PUBG makers in South Korea. The issues regarding battle royale mode are in question.

Firm Behind PUBG Pulls Developers Of Fortnite To Court, Accuses Of Copyright Infringement
Fortnite Pulled To Court For Copying PUBG, Battle Royale Mode In Question

The gaming industry has been on the top of the mountain with wide adoption and technological adoption. The real-world scenarios have been implemented in games and the relatable designs & scenarios have appealed gamers to get play those games. The craze to reach new levels among gamers has always been unbounded. Plenty of developers have implemented this strategy of imitating real-world scenarios to get gamers hooked to their games. The competition among the developers in the gaming industry across the globe is intense. The entry of new firms with their innovative offerings can impact the position and market share of leaders. Among many examples of such scenario, the entry of Fortnite impacting the dominance of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) across the globe is a notable one. The makers of Fortnite, Epic Games, reported the earnings of $296 million in the month of April. However, two of them have gotten into another issue besides the competition in the market.

The company behind PUBG has pulled the Epic Games to the court over copyright infringement concerns in South Korea. The lawsuit stated that there is an issue regarding the battle royale mode of Fortnite. PUBG is a subsidiary of Bluehole. The company has been articulate about the similarities in the battle royale mode since the launch of Fortnite in September last year. The game was released in July 2017 and the battle royale mode was not added until September 2017. The developer has raised concerns over similarities and accused itself of theft of intellectual property.

“After listening to the growing feedback from our community and reviewing the gameplay for ourselves,” the developer wrote, “we are concerned that Fortnite may be replicating the experience for which PUBG is known.”

However, both companies have an existing behind the scenes business relationship as PUBG is developed on the Unreal gaming engine, which has been built by Epic Games. PUBG clarified that it has been applied for an injunction against Epic Games in January. It accused Epic Games of imitating user interface and game items.

“We filed the suit to protect our copyright,” PUBG told the Korea Times.

According to the statistics from Bloomberg, PUBG has garnered up to $1.3 billion (£980m). On the other hand, Fortnite is made free for download. Gamers can purchase cosmetic skins for using them as weapons and characters. The company behind the game reported earnings of nearly $300 million in its recent report.

The popularity of PUBG took a toll since the beginning of this year; while Fortnight gained momentum. Both games have attracted millions of players owing to their “last man standing” online battles. Epic Games announced that it would invest nearly $100 million into online gaming competitions over the next couple of years. However, the company has not yet commented on the lawsuit being filed. Their competition in the market is intense, but it will be interesting to see if their battle in the court will be fierce.