Gmail Smart Compose: Gmail To Write Email For You Using AI

Gmail Smart Compose Gmail To Write Email For You Using AI
Faster Email Writing With Gmail: Smart Compose To Save User’s Time

Tech giants have been riding on the wave of innovation and implementing technology known as artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve that. The focus is to blow minds of users with innovative technology and help them in saving time and energy. Including AI-powered features to offer ease and convenience is what every tech giant has been striving to achieve. With technologies getting smarter and faster, people have changed the way they do everyday tasks. From finding nearest restaurants on maps to suggesting relevant books, AI has been ruling their smartphones and will continue to do so in the future. The Silicon Valley has been rooting for AI experts to help them launch a new product or service that can bring revolution and drop jaws. Google is no exception. The company made some big announcements in its annual I/O developer conference. One of those announcements was Gmail’s upgrade to Smart Compose feature. This AI-powered feature was the first-of-its-kind launched in the 14 years of the existence of Gmail.

Google has been trying to end the days in which users needed to type the entire emails. The Smart Compose feature will try to predict what a user wants to say and give an autocomplete option in a search bar or smartphone’s keypad. Moreover, it will also try to predict the entire email with the help of AI. The Smart Reply feature in Gmail already exists. It predicts the possible reply in few words based on the content matter in the mail. Smart Compose is a logical extension of the feature. It begins composing an email as a user begins to compose a mail in the browser.

“From your greeting to your closing (and common phrases in between), Smart Compose suggests complete sentences in your emails so that you can draft them with ease,” said Paul Lambert, product manager for Google in a blog post. “Smart Compose helps save you time by cutting back on repetitive writing while reducing the chance of spelling and grammatical errors. It can even suggest relevant contextual phrases.”

The feature processes in the background, scans contents of emails, and determines contexts such as dates, time, places, and other information. If users find something worth keeping, they press the tab key. The firm gave few examples regarding the new feature. An email ends with “Have a great weekend” by determining the user was sending it on Friday. When the feature determines an email is sent to a person, it automatically starts composing an email with “Hey (name of the person)”.

Announcing the feature on stage at Google I/O on Tuesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, said, “All you have to do is hit tab to keep autocompleting. I’ve been sending a lot more emails to the company. Not sure what they think of them, but it’s been great.”

As many emails are repetitive and a waste of time, they can be automated, and a lot of time can be saved. Many executives need to type hundreds of emails every day, this feature would save their valuable time. As it alleviates the burden of typing entire repetitive emails, this feature will be welcomed by users. This “experimental” feature can be activated as a part of new Gmail experience. Tech giants have been rolling out AI-powered features to help users with small tasks in their daily lives. It seems that there will be more robots talking to robots in daily interactions than humans talking to humans.


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