Cisco-Google Partnership Crucial In Security, Cisco CEO Comments On The Venture

Cisco has been focused on the security and Mr. Robbins gave details about security capabilities of his platform at Cisco Live US conference in Florida while sharing the stage with Google Cloud CEO.

Cisco-Google Partnership Crucial In Security, Cisco CEO Comments On The Venture
Cisco’s Partnership With Google To Be Vital For Security, Asserts Cisco CEO

Tech companies have been joining hands to make something bigger than themselves. The combined solutions would improve the efficiency of their offerings and help in capturing more market share. There are various purposes behind joining hand such as offering better services, dominating the market, and bringing innovation. One of such purposes of Cisco and Google partnership was to strengthen hybrid cloud solutions. Diane Greene, the CEO of Google Cloud, outlined at the time of announcing the partnership that it will enable IT departments and developers to take benefit of open and secure tools to develop applications in the hybrid environment. Both companies highlighted that they would develop a multi-cloud solution which will fulfill requirements of security, policy, and configuration.

Recently, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins shared the stage with Diane Greene at Cisco Live US conference in Florida, U.S. on June 11. Both executives discussed the recent progress of their partnership. It was established to offer Cisco customers an experience of running Kubernetes applications on-premise cloud or in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). This partnership was established to help organizations in tacking their cloud problems at their own pace.

Greene outlined four stakeholder bases who would get benefits from their partnership including engineers, developers, ops, and security. Commenting on benefits to security, she said, “For security, to have one consistent model across everywhere that you’re running, that’s huge – and it’s really good for the developers because you don’t have these lowest common denominator rules that can get in the way of innovation.”

Commenting about the partnership on the stage and the services they are offering, Cisco CEO said, “The reality, I believe, is it’s this architecture that brings together automation, security, analytics.” He added that the architecture has made a big difference as it changes the operational paradigm of organizations and enables them to focus on core activities. When Cisco realized that Google and its software platform Istio have been offering an open-source solution to shift workloads of organizations from private to public clouds. At that time, both companies decided to join hands.

Commenting further on architecture, Cisco CEO said, “The network plays a tremendous role with security, with policy and actually allowing our customers to make that happen and that’s what we talked about this week.” Cisco has been focused on the security and Mr. Robbins gave details about security capabilities of his platform after being asked about its competition with Palo Alto Networks.

He outlined that the thread information from endpoints, network, email, and cloud need to be consumed and correlated dynamically. He added, “We’re the only company that has that architecture and we’re the only guys that see 20 billion threats a day and are able to correlate those in real time and actually defend across our entire customer base.”

Cisco’s recent acquisition of Accompany would help in fostering data-driven products along with strengthening partnership with Google. He told CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer, “I think the modern software capabilities, the massive platform they built, the A.I. and data experience they have are going to really take our collaboration portfolio to the future.” It will be interesting to see how security capabilities of Cisco help customers and organizations in the future.