Friendly Neighborhood Spidey Take on Electro and Every Imaginable Villain in The New Spider-Man Gameplay

Man-to-man fighting, non-stop acrobatics, web slinging, and lots of web slinging. New Spider-Man gameplay fulfils every wish.

Friendly Neighborhood Spidey Take on Electro and Every Imaginable Villain in The New Spider-Man Gameplay
Electro and Four Other Super-Villains in The New Spider-Man Gameplay

Were you expecting that this year’s Spider-Man gameplay would lack any real storyline and fast-paced action? Got two words for you: Watch Trailer!

Insomniac Games and Sony just posted a brand-new trailer for a new Spider-Man gameplay and let’s just say, it doesn’t end well for our Spidey. For the first time, they released seven-minutes of trailer to show-off the unconventionality of the game. Right from the start, Spidey stops at nothing to finish off his rival, Electro. However, to do that he has to face every criminal he has ever caught. Why? Let’s start from the beginning. The trailer starts with shocking news of escape of every criminal captured by Spider-Man, including the infamous criminals Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, Mister Negative, and Electro from ‘The Raft’, the maximum-security prison that rings a bell of DC’s Arkham Asylum. Being the bad-ass villain and unique ability to manipulate electricity, Electro gives the impression of an invincible opponent to fight with. By the end of the trailer, all five super-villains put Spider-Man in real peril.

Since the announcement of the release of this game, gamers have been twiddling thumbs to catch the glimpse of trailer, and now after the amazing first-look of it, they cannot wait till its release date. Game includes usual man-to-man brawling to handle multiple escaped prisoners. However, Spidey must chase Electro using web-slings and super jumps as Electro can move through electric power lines, making him hard to spot. The trailer shows how to fight with multiple enemies, crawl on walls, and use Spider-webs to attack and even shut up the enemy.

Jon Paquette, the head writer on Spider-Man game shared insights regarding the game’s development, “The greatest thing about working on a Spider-Man game is that you get to work on a Spider-Man and the hardest part thing is that you get to work on a Spider-Man game, when everyone has their own version of the superhero in their mind, and Insomniac’s job was to develop its own image.”

Locomotion is the most vital thing that must be flawless in a Spider-Man game. Moreover, it should give seamless experience while Wall-crawler is swinging from New York’s one skyscraper to another. This game offers precisely that, which glued gamers to their PS4. The game will release on September 7 only available on PlayStation 4. During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), developers showed how easily Spidey can swing between two buildings, just by holding down R2 button and pressing X to give Spidey a boost. The gaming arena is filled with buildings and several other objects for Spider-Man’s web and gamer does not have to worry about which object to hold while swinging as webs themselves take care of it. Even though you are in some area with no buildings, Peter Parker does not have to run after criminals; the R2 button will act as a ‘Go’ button, giving Spidey distant object to web and Propel forward. Thus, the game gives feeling of a high-speed chase and everything that Spider-Man does. Well, gamers seem too eager to wait till the release, so, let’s hope that it is worth every penny.