No Longer Awkward Conversations with Google Assistant: Enable Continued Conversation

Google promised Google Assistant’s ‘continued conversation’ feature in its I/O 2018 and they successfully delivered it this Friday. From now on user can use the feature from their Google Assistant mobile app and smart speaker Home.

No Longer Awkward Conversations with Google Assistant Enable Continued Conversation
Google Assistant Just Became Informal with Its New Feature: Continued Conversation

The feature announced in the Google I/O 2018, that piqued everyone’s interest was Google Assistant’s ‘continued conversation’. Every command to the Google Assistant must start with “Ok Google” each time. No more! This year, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, promised to make Google Assistant more human-like. To do so, the first step was ‘continued conversation’. Moreover, he demonstrated how the use of voice-based AI can change the way of communication and Marvel’s J.A.R.V.I.S. will no longer be a fiction. However, this Friday, Google rolled out the ‘continued conversation’ feature of Google Assistant to make it more humane.

The new feature will make the conversations less awkward, especially when you are not alone. The company says this feature will make Google Assistant more informal and user-friendly. For instance, if you want to know about today’s weather, you had to start from “Ok Google” and after that, you could ask “What’s today’s weather.” After acknowledging today’s weather, if you want to know the weather forecast, you had to start again with “Hey Google, tell me the forecast for this week.” However, due to continued conversation feature, after getting today’s forecast, you can directly ask about the forecast by just adding, “And what about this week.” Google Assistant will remember the previous request and see whether the next command is in relation to the previous chat or not. However, to access the feature, you need to turn on the feature.

The feature can be enabled in few simple steps. Fire up Google Assistant app>> Tap on the blue button at the top right button>> click on Settings>> Choose the option Preferences>> Tap on Continued Conversation and toggle the setting to enable the feature. The feature was launched first in the U.S. and it has now unveiled in different countries having English users. The best advantage of the update is that user no longer has to use the hotwords such as “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”. Google Assistant will continue to listen for 8 seconds after its answer to the previous command. However, to start the conversation use would have to speak out the hotwords. In addition, the user can end the conversation with “Thank you” or “Stop” after the final request.

As per the blog post of Google, “One of the most important things that we learn as children is how to communicate. From simple words such as momma, we get more complex words. Similarly, Google Assistant is growing up. With this update, your conversations with the Google Assistant will be more natural and intuitive than they’ve ever been.”

Apart from the uninterrupted conversations, Google Assistant is proficient in various tasks. It can make calls for you and even teach kids some manners. When a child requests for somethings without polite words, Google Assistant replies with “What’s the magic word”. The applications of voice-based assistants are limitless. Recently, big banks and several financial companies are allowing virtual assistants to do basic banking transaction such as checking account balances, pay bills, and in near future money transfer with just voice recognition, and maybe the launch of continued conversion is just a start.