Write ‘Abuse’ & Put A Cross Across It: Twitter To Curb Abuse With Smyte’s Acquisition

Integrating technology of Smyte with Twitter and deploying backend systems for management and monitoring abuse will help the tech giant in moving forward to combating major concern of abuse and harassment

Write 'Abuse' & Put A Cross Across It Twitter To Curb Abuse With Smyte's Acquisition
Twitter Ready To Nullify Abuse On Its Platform As It Empowers Itself With Acquisition Of Smyte

The social media platforms have become the major mediums to vent and take the frustration out on people. Keeping constructive criticism aside or trying to understand when Lionel Messi could not play up to the expectations of fans, people abuse him on social media. They vent and take express their exasperation for not living up to their expectations or missing a penalty. Let alone the legends like Lionel Messi or other celebrities, ordinary users are getting abused on these platforms. People have been expressing their hatred through online abuse and trolling. It does not matter how insignificant an incident is, they find a way to use it to troll others. Online abuse, harassment, and spams have made the experience of users on those platforms a living hell.

Twitter, one of the leading social media platform in the world, has been used for abusing and harassing people since its inception. Putting curb to this abuse has become an intricate task based on the popularity and number of users on the platform for the tech firm. Moreover, scandals regarding misuse of the platform have increased since the Russian interference in 2016 Presidential Elections in the U.S. was discovered. With the online discourse getting more and more abusive and hate-filled, Twitter has taken a firm step to put a halt to it. It has acquired a technology firm Smyte based in San-Francisco.

Smyte is well-known for tools that could put an end to online abuse, spamming, and harassment. The terms of the deal have not disclosed yet. This has marked a significant acquisition to stop the abuse on its platform, though the firm tried to curb abuse through the introduction of new policies. However, these new policies have not been sufficient to achieve the goal of stopping online harassment, threats, and hate speech. There are trolls, abuses, harassment, and scams that have been whirling around the site. This is where Smyte’s role comes into the picture.

Putting an end to bullying and abuse will be the major concern that needs to be addressed with this acquisition. Integrating technology of Smyte with Twitter and deploying backend systems for management and monitoring abuse will help the tech giant in moving forward to combating major concern. Moreover, Smyte’s system will take a dig at scammers, bots, and other threats that have been posed on the social media.

Twitter has not commented on this deal besides the technical expertise of Smyte for ensuring safety and security of some of the world’s largest companies, stating, “Smyte’s years of experience with these issues brings valuable insight to our team. The Smyte team has dealt with many unique issues facing online safety and believes in the same proactive approach that we’re taking for Twitter: stopping the abusive behavior before it impacts anyone’s experience.”

Smyte has a set of high-profile clienteles including Indiegogo, Musical.ly, GoFundMe, TaskRabbit, OLX, Meetup, 99 Designs, YouNow, Carousell, and Zendesk. The social media platform has not revealed any details about how it will put an end to abuse with the help of Smyte’s technology yet; it has only stated that it can’t wait for them to join the team and make changes regarding how to improve the health of public conversation on its platform.



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