Fortnite Confirms the Release Date for Season 5

As Fortnite continues to garner more online players every day, the launch of its new season can help boost the sale of the game even further.

Fortnite Confirms the Release Date for Season 5
Fortnite Season 5 is here: Teaser confirms date

Since its inception in July 2017, Fortnite has taken online gaming by storm. The co-op multi-player survival game has seen a surge in its playing hours across PlayStation and Xbox platforms, making it one the most prolific online games of 2017. With its rich attention-to-detail and evolving environment, Fortnite has engorged its fans by teaching them the basic rules and regulations of survival. Through the help of a teaser, Epic Games has confirmed that the new season, Season 5, is set to release on July 12th, 2018. This has sparked jubilations from its fans and intense scrutiny as to what the new season might entail.

In simple terms, Fortnite, is a survival game – considered a cross between Minecraft and Left 4 Dead by its publishers Epic Games. The game is set on a dystopian earth, where a large chunk of the population is killed due to the appearance of a massive storm, resulting its survivors to battle it out for the last remaining resources. A player is usually dropped off in a deserted island along with 99 other online players, with the objective of being the last remaining survivor while eliminating the remaining ones. A player can venture in this mission alone, or could team up with three other players to win a game. The process of winning the game requires collecting basic materials like wood, stone to build fortifications and traps. The player can also collect ammunitions that are left on the island from other survivors, which are the basic medium to eliminate other players by killing them.

The 5th season of Fortnite has garnered intense anticipation from its followers. The 4th season has repeatedly updated hints on what’s to come in the following season. The final teaser image of Season 5 indicates a cat like mask, which could mean the environment could be set in a Japanese or Egyptian backdrop. Moreover, subtle hints throughout Season 4 indicates that the latest season will ensure time travel across different historical points. The community is ablaze with such speculations, one that will be answered when the new season gets launched.

The success of Fortnite, however, doesn’t stem from its gameplay but rather than its in-game microtransactions. Players have the ability to buy resources and weaponry by paying real money or gameplay win credits. Epic Games has stated that in-game buy-ins are the major source of their income, stating that in the real world, people will always have some sort of unfair advantage over the other. The option of using money to buy in-game resources is just a simulation of that ideology.

Fortnite has become such a fan favorite due to its ability to tell a unique story in a unique way. The game is loosely based on the William Golding novel, Lord of the Flies, which tells the story of survival of a group of young boys in a deserted island. The game itself portrays a nightmarish vision of the future where society collapses and humanity is left to resort to tribal measures to live and survive. As fans across the globe is all set to battle it out in the new season, it could help Epic Games garner loads of revenue and recognition.

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