GSuite Updates its Security Tool to Better Detect Breaches

GSuite Security Center, the security tool for GSuite, receives a much-required upgrade to detect and prevent security breaches.

GSuite Security
GSuite Security Center better equipped to handle breaches

Google has changed the game concerning cloud computing. Its apps, which are available online across several platforms, provides users with the perfect blend of sophistication and flexibility to conduct various important tasks. The GSuite tools are one such bunch of online apps catered towards productivity and collaboration across any PC, smartphone or tablet. On 24th July, 2018, at the Google Cloud Next Conference in San Francisco, Google announced the launch of a new security investigation tool that augments the functionalities of the existing one. Along with the infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in GSuite, the advanced security tool will help administrations detect potential security issues quicker and with more finesse.

GSuite comprises of Gmail, Google Docs and Calendar, build for organizations and corporations to conduct business in. At present, more than 4 million organizations use GSuite across the world, as compared to the 135 million paid users of Microsoft Office. The GSuite Security Center, included with the GSuite Enterprise edition, uses best practice recommendations and security analytics from Google to protect organizations against data and security breaches. Google’s VP of product management for GSuite, David Thacker, has stated that, “The overall goal of the security center in G Suite is to provide administrators with the visibility and control they need to prevent, detect and remediate security issues”.

The advanced security tool allows analysts and admins to run advanced queries over myriad data sources to pinpoint the users impacted by a breach. This will eventually allow them to investigate the nature of the security beach with more finesse, in the hopes of restricting such occurrences over time. Previously, identifying a breach required analyzing email logs using complex scripts, which was time-consuming. The new tool makes it easy for admins to revoke access to affected files and delete malicious emails. Overall, the admin gets a better understanding of the threats and learns ways to remediate them.

GSuite has also incorporated AI in several functionalities as part of the new upgrade. The new AI-powered features focus exclusively on reading, writing, and organizing meetings. AI will enable the Hangout Chats to auto-compose quick professional replies to text messages, eliminating the need to type one. Dubbed as ‘Smart Compose’, the AI application will also be included in Gmail to autocomplete emails by thoroughly studying the user’s usual responses. Another AI based functionality comes through its grammar correction, which adapts the capability of Googles Translate to the English language to provide suggestions for changes to English language text.

With the updated features, Google hopes that more people depend on GSuite as the primary productivity tool. However, its competitor Microsoft has been gaining ground at a much rapid pace. The founder of Moor Insights & Strategy, Patrick Moorhead, said that, “These new features are nice, particularly the security features, but Google didn’t introduce anything that fundamentally changes the game versus Office 365”.