This App Brings Fit Shirts For You From Your Photos, Solves Biggest Problem In Custom Clothing

Bodygram, an innovative technology implemented by Original Stitch produces 99 percent accurate measurements as compared to professional tailors. It includes measurements of neck, sleeve, chest, sleeve, hip, and others.

Fit T-Shirts For You
This App Would Help You Get A Fit T-Shirt, Just Upload Two Photos

Custom clothing has always been in demand. Everyone wants to slay the fit clothes for every occasion. There is an air of confidence and elegance that flows from the person with fit clothes. In the age where looks matter a lot, people prefer customized clothes that would look great on them and enhance their aura and overall personality. A lot of money is put on the table and skilled designers are chosen to get fit clothing that would accentuate the assets of a person. Tailors take these measurements personally. However, people are becoming wary of visiting the stores and trying to get things done online. But the measurements taken or provided on the platform can be imprecise and the clothing sewn from those measurements may result in a fiasco. Taking precise measurements online is difficult. But, it is not difficult anymore. The technology has advanced, and an app has been rolled out by Original Stitch after years of teasing.

The Bodygram service by Original Stitch will be rolled out this summer. This service would scan the body based on front and side photos to take precise measurements and create customized shirts. It would provide precise details of body measurements as taken by professional tailors. Users need to upload photos taken from front and side to its cloud. Then they will receive a notification as the Bodygram sizing report is ready. This report will include measurements of neck, sleeve, chest, hip and others. It will produce 99 percent accurate measurements as compared to professional tailors.

“Bodygram is the first sizing technology that works on your phone capable of giving you highly accurate sizing result from just two photos with you wearing normal clothing on any background,” said Jin Koh, CEO of Original Stitch, to TechCrunch. “Legacy technologies on the market today require you to wear a very tight-fitting spandex suit, take 360 photos of you and require a plain background to work. Other technologies give you accuracy with five inches deviation in accuracy while Bodygram is the first technology to give you sub-one-inch accuracy.”

The fitting has been one of the major concerns of the customized clothing industry. The online shopping sites either offer standard sized clothing or customized clothing with less accurate measurements. Koh mentioned that its service offers free returns if the clothing does not fit. The technology used by Bodygram is innovative and uses only two photos for capturing 40 measurements. It does not have any pitfalls that are present in original body-scanning technologies.

Original Stitch is the first company to use both machine learning and computer vision techniques to solve the issue of predicting body shape that is underneath the clothes. Once the body shape is predicted, the proprietary algorithm of the company calculates the circumferences and the length for every part of a body. With the implementation of this technology, the company aims to minimize returns in online shopping.

The system can also be utilized to take measurements of a body over time and collect information regarding health and weight. It will help manufacturers produce products that fit their customers perfectly. The company would license the technology and other manufacturers and businesses would be able to use the technology to create customized clothes. The will be launched in this summer for iOS and Android.


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