7 Apple Updates That You Should Expect This Fall

In the past few years, fall has been Apple’s season. Needless to say, this is the season when the launch of new iPhones is announced. Therefore, the excitement, hype, and hoopla in the tech world during this time is quite understandable.

7 Apple Updates That You Should Expect This Fall
Apple Slates New Hardware Launch This Fall

The last quarter of the year is not going to be any different from last year’s as Apple has promised some cool hardware by the end of this year. Here are all the new and thrilling gadgets that we can expect from Apple this year.

  1. Three new iPhone 

Apple’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has promised that three new iPhone including two of Apple’s biggest smartphones ever is on tap for 2018.

Apple currently is working on 6.5 inches “iPhone X Plus” that will feature OLED display and it will join the next generation of 5.8-inch OLED iPhone X in the coming year.

Further, Kuo indicated that Apple will also inaugurate the launch of third iPhone showing off 6.1-inch LCD display that too at a lower price than the OLED models. The cheaper model will continue to have iPhone X’s features like edge-to-edge display, advanced sensors, and Face ID, but in addition, it will also sport lower resolution LCD panel, enabling Apple to maintain the price range of $650 to $750.

All the three models are speculated to ditch the conventional home button and use screen gestures and use Face ID like the current iPhone X. 

  1. Entry-level MacBook

Although the MacBook Pro had its memory and processor updates last July, they were not quite impressive. However, it seems that MacBook Air is in desperate need of upgradation.

So, is MacBook Air going to receive some major updates? According to Kuo, yes, it is. Apple will, in fact, drop the MacBook Airline for a new budget-priced laptop called “MacBook”. Similar to the MacBook Pro, this new entry-level MacBook might possibly drop all the existing ports (MagSafe 2, USB 3, SD Card slot, Thunderbolt) in favor of a single USB-C port.

Unlike the MacBook Air, the new hardware will sport 13-inch Retina Display with Touch trackpad.  Touch ID may also be incorporated with the power button. 

  1. New health sensors in Apple Watch

Are we going to see the rumored non-invasive blood sugar sensor and advanced EKG heart monitor on the next Apple Watch? We for sure hope so.

These features will be truly groundbreaking, making the Apple Watch a must-have accessory for people with heart issues and diabetics.

  1. Wireless charger or AirPower

Another Apple baby that we are excited about is its charging mat that can juice up your AirPods, iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. Even though Apple announced the AirPower altogether with the iPhone X and iPhone 8 last year, there’s no release date nor pricing date yet. Thus, we can expect it to drop within 2k18.

  1. Upgraded AirPods

Although there aren’t any significant details about the upgrades, Kuo said that the second-gen AirPods will incorporate a “smaller quartz component” that will be compatible with the new AirPower charging mat.

  1. High-end Mac Pro

However, there are no details about the next Mac Pro yet but we’re expecting it to be announced later this year. Mac Pro is another product of Apple that is due for an update. Last year Apple had revealed that it was working on modular and expandable Mac Pro. With the return of non-upgradeable iMac Pro in the mix, professionals will certainly welcome the return of user-personalized Apple desktop.

  1. New macOS

macOS, Apple’s laptop, and desktop operating system, too follows the same release cycle as iOS, so be prepared to expect a new upgrade this year. Details still remain to be scarce about macOS 10.14, but we can hope that it will bring more operational features than under-the-hood updates.