Amid Election Meddling Probe, Facebook Chief Calls It Quit

A day after the company reveals that faux accounts were used to interrupt the forthcoming U.S. mid-term elections, Alex Stamos, security chief of Facebook announces his departure.

Amid Election Meddling Probe, Facebook Chief Calls It Quit
After Colin Stretch and Elliot Schrage, Facebook to Lose Alex Stamos.

Just one day after the company revealed a novel synchronized endeavor to sow political division in the U.S. through fake on the social media platform, company’s chief executive said he is leaving for an academic post at Stanford University.

Commencing in this September, chief security Mr. Stamos will edify full-time at Stanford University and will focus on researching technology and cybersecurity policy, as per a Facebook post. Stamos initially joined Facebook from Yahoo in 2015.

The crisis of how and up to what extent did the Russian Government exploited Facebook to try and influence U.S. politics after and during the 2016 presidential election, decided the tenure of Stamos at Facebook. Frequently Stamos defended Facebook’s and his actions from its critics on Twitter.

This action of his proved as a contrast to the actions of the most senior executives like chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg and chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg who choose to remain tight-lipped and diplomatic.

Stamos wrote in his Facebook post, “I have been proud to work with some of the most skilled and dedicated security professionals in the world in one of the most difficult threat environments faced by any technology company. It is critical that we as an industry live up to our collective responsibility to consider the impact of what we build.”

The most recent disclosure was made on Tuesday by Facebook, where the company stated that it had recognized a new batch of accounts that were trying to instigate political discord in the U.S. before the midterm elections of 2018. However, Facebook was unable to find the culprit behind the new accounts.

The strategy used in the campaign is more complex than the relatively unsophisticated methods used by the Russian government-associated Internet Research Agency in the year 2016, the company declared.

The recent discovery unveils how arduous it has been to prevent bad actors from misusing social media platform in the effort to impact the political opinions. However, Facebook has stepped up its security by hiring and spending on an army of new representatives to better monitor its worldwide site.

One of the high-profile executive to leave the Menlo Park, California-based Facebook, Alex Stamos is the latest to join this league.

The company will also lose its chief advisor, Colin Stretch and Elliot Schrage, head of policy. Both of them were involved in assisting the company to deal with the fallout from Russian Political Interference.

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